SWTOR – 1.3.1 Patch Notes (03/07/2012)

Group Finder

  • The Group Finder no longer displays multiple “Travel Now” dialogs when the group searches for a replacement while a player has the “Travel Now” dialog open already.
  • Categories that player has not queued for no longer appear in the “Queued For:” tooltip.
  • The Group Finder button is no longer visible when a player logs out of a higher-level character and back in to a character that is lower than level 10 (and therefore unable to use the Group Finder).
  • A confirmation dialog now informs players that they will need to start the content over again if they leave the “Find Replacement” queue.
  • Athiss, Mandalorian Raiders, The Red Reaper, Colicoid War Game, Cademimu, and Hammer Station can now be queued for even if the player already has the associated mission.
  • A tooltip on the Warzone “Join Queue” button now informs players that they cannot queue for a Warzone while engaged in Group Finder content.
  • Group leaders can now queue for a replacement player if group leadership was transferred manually after a group member quit or was vote-kicked.

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